Date : 08/10/18

Bile helps in the digestion, breaks fat into fatty acids. It is stored and released by the gallbladder. Gallstones usually form in the gallbladder. Gallstones treatment options are medication, surgical removal of the stone or sometimes gallbladder itself.


Date : 21/08/18

Feeling a bit bumpy and lumpy? Got a swelling in groin region that you can push down, only for it to slide back up? It could be an inguinal hernia! They are the most common type of hernia and account for around 80% of all anterior abdominal wall hernias, with two-thirds of these hernias are indirect, one-third direct and a prevalence of 4% in those over 40 years. Inguinal Her

Date : 26/03/18

An anal fissure is a condition that is seen in both men and women equally. It affects all the age groups but is more common amongst adults and seniors. In most cases, anal fissures heal on their own but if it lasts longer than six weeks then medicines are taken and at times even surgery is performed as a treatment for the condition. Here's a deeper insight into the anal fissure.


Date : 29/12/17

As the world contracts and myriads of inventions in science have made our life more comfortable and easy, as the perception goes, is in stark contrast to the mounting health-related issues in recent times. Lifestyle changes, stress and undesirable eating habits caused by the influx of junk food and soft drinks are a menace to health. The most affected part of the body is the

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