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Date :29-Dec-2017

As the world contracts and myriads of inventions in science have made our life more comfortable and easy, as the perception goes, is in stark contrast to the mounting health-related issues in recent times.

Lifestyle changes, stress and undesirable eating habits caused by the influx of junk food and soft drinks are a menace to health. The most affected part of the body is the digestive system because of these relatively new trends in lifestyle causing gastrointestinal problems. One such gastro-intestinal problem is a hernia.

Hernia: Causes and symptoms

The hernia is caused by the weakened tissue providing passage to the nearby organ to protrude through it causing pain and discomfort. This could happen due to excessive pressure in the abdominal cavity. Some common factors that cause a hernia are:

  1. Obesity could be hormonal or due to excessive intake of protein-enriched food.
  2. Lifting heavy object can weaken the abdominal tissues.
  3. Persistent coughing and sneezing.
  4. Constipation leads to continuous bowel movement causing hernia
  5. Physically strenuous activities, etc.

The symptoms showing signs of a hernia are:

  1. The most common symptom of a hernia is the bulge in the affected area.
  2. Pain in the abdomen while bending over or coughing
  3. Pain in the chest
  4. Difficulty in swallowing, etc.

Diagnosing and Treating Hernia

A physical examination of the patient normally reveals a hernia in the form of a bulge. Alternatively, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI scan, and endoscopy are also used to diagnose a hernia.
Laparoscopy is the most preferred surgery if nonsurgical ways such as lifestyle changes, dietary changes and medication fail. Laparoscopic surgery using high precision cameras with few small incisions is mostly favored over open surgery today as it is less damaging.

Dr.Deepak.S, Laparoscopic surgeon, Chennai

Dr.Deepak.S is one of the most renowned names in the field of laparoscopic surgery. An array of degrees from internationally acclaimed institutions in India and abroad combined with immense experience makes him one of the foremost surgeons to conduct laparoscopic surgeries. He has conducted over 2000 laparoscopic surgeries, both basic and advanced. Dr.Deepak.S is a name to be reckoned with in performing laparoscopic surgeries.

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