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The appendix has no specific function in the human digestive system. Appendicitis refers to the condition where the appendix gets infected. The infection is most commonly bacterial in nature and causes the appendix to swell up inside the abdominal cavity. Eventually the appendix will rupture, spreading the bacterial infection to all organs in the abdominal cavity.

Children - The Common Prey

Appendicitis occurs due to two main causes in children.

As the appendix swells, it seals itself up and thus the infection continues to grow, which will eventually lead to a lot of pain.

Symptoms of appendicitis

  • Mild fever and a pain around the belly region
  • A loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Swelling or bloating of the stomach
  • Diarrhea which includes mucus
  • Pain in the belly continues to get worse and moves towards lower right side

Methods of treatment

Department that deals with defects and infections of the digestive and related systems is termed as gastroentrology. Dr. Deepak is an excellent laproscopic and bariatric surgeon who provides treatment for Gastro-intestinal problems. Get information about the gastro-intestinal problems and its possible solutions. Help your health by taking intelligent decisions. Feel free to contact us for any clarification


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