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Dealing with Piles and Fissures

Piles/fissure are disorders which people often feel embarrassed about. Characterised by an irregularity in stool movement and disposal, they demand surgical intervention in chronic cases.

While piles, also considered as haemorrhoids, involve a mass of swelling veins, protruding in anus, fissures are caused due to a tear or sore in the anal mucosa or opening.

Symptoms of piles and fissures

Though they are caused and characterised by different irregularities, piles and fissures have are associated with common symptoms such as: -

  • Throbbing pain while sitting
  • Skin irritations including itching, inflammations or swellings and redness around the anus.
  • Blood or pus discharge from anus
  • Pain during bowel movement
  • Constipation
  • Fever
  • Noticeable lumps or skin growth in the area


The common causes of piles and fissures include: -

  • Straining during bowel movement
  • Constipation
  • Lack of an appropriate diet
  • Aging which weakens muscles and slows down blood flow.
  • Presence of IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Treatment for piles and fissures

The conditions can be treated by medications to increase the ease of bowel movement and manage the issue however severe stages of the condition demands surgical intervention.

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